Psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and couples .


WELCOME TO Dr Chris Rees Clinical Psychology Servicess  I  am a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in psychotherapy and many years experience. I see adults adolescents and couples for therapy.  My approach to therapy is eclectic with an emphasis on depth psychology and the importance of the unconscious.  I pay particular attention to the power of habits both good and bad and I insist on the interdependence of physical and mental/emotional health. I have Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in my repertoire and I use them where appropriate I am steeped in the principles of behaviour modification and regard myself as a behavioural scientist.

To keep myself up tp date with developments I take time out of my busy week to attend lectures and workshops, devoting at least 70 hours a year to this activity.  In addition I spend at least two hours a week in the reading room of UCT library, perusing current journals.  I have done this since I registered as a clinical psychologist in 1983 and the habit has become ingrained. 

Although I specialise in depression and anxiety I have a passion for couples counselling and marital therapy. I love doing it, I am good at it and I get results. My approach to marital therapy is eclectic. For understanding relationships I use the powerful conceptual tools of social learning theory, psychodynammic object relations theory and attachment theory. For interventions I rely on the potent well documented evidence based approaches of Integrated Behavioural Couples Therapy (IBCT) and emotion focussed therapy (EFT). 

I was credentialled as a clinical neuropsychologist by SACNA in 1987.  Although I no longer do neuropsychological assessments and I have let my registration lapse, my knowledge of neuropsychology, such as it is, remains ,and it underpins my assessment for therapy and my practice generally.

I charge medical aid rates and I work on Saturday mornings.  My rooms are situated on a quiet suburban street close to Main Rd and about 20 minutes from Newlands Station.

I am registered with the BHF and with HPCSA as a clinical psychologist

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